Sportissimo was started in 1978 by Dante Acerbis, who has always been careful to the sport values, with a great working enthusiasm and with clear and specific business target. With these bases Sportissimo grew up and in 1994 the company became an s.n.c., with an implementation of its staff.

Mr Dante Acerbis, thanks to his business insights and outstanding ability to satisfy the needs of the market, developed through the years a wide attention to the world of sports and leisure that led to the establishment of 3 different areas of activities. These areas are now specialized division, with their own working team dedicated to :

Sportissimo - First Catalogue
First Catalogue

In order to guarantee an efficacious and complete service to its client, Sportissimo has introduce in its staff specialized personnel that follows all mounting steps of all kind of equipments, developing in the mean time assistance after sale, scheduled maintenance and tests.


Through the year the significant growth of the activities has created the need of more appropriate spaces : beginning with a small craft warehouse, in 2004 Sportissimo settled down in the actual venue which has new offices, a large laboratory and 3 big warehouses for a total covered area of 3.000 square meters.

Up to today there are 20 people in the staff of Sportssimo, and several closed partners in order to dedicate the best possible service to all clients, that now are not only in Region Lombardia but in they are in all Italy territory and in several foreign nations.

Sportissimo snc is also the exclusive distributor in Italy for several foreign brands, market leaders in their field, and with them there is now is a consolidated partnership. This is also due to the ability of Sportissimo to always look forwarder for clients actual and future needed.

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